ZÜND LC1200CV For Sale

Unlock Precision with this Zünd LC1200cv Cutter – Exceptionally Low Usage!

Discover the Zünd LC1200cv Cutter, boasting remarkably low usage for its age. This state-of-the-art machine, only on its second conveyor belt, remains in excellent condition, a testament to its careful maintenance over the years.

Key Features:

Bed Size: 1800x1200mm (WxD) with a 1200mm extension table and continuous production conveyor belt.
Powered by Zünd software GTK2.04 – simple to use and incredibly versatile.

TzTp Tool Head: Carry two tool holder simultaneously, ideal for packaging with a knife and creasing wheel.

Visual Registration Camera: Ensures precise cutting of regular and irregular shapes.

Additional Tools: Kiss cut tool for vinyl, EOT knife for smooth curves, various blades for specific materials, two creasing wheels, creasing skid, and two extra knives – one for standard and one for dense materials.

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