Increase Your Uptime and Ultimately Productivity

Dennison understand that for some companies, downtime in any form is not an option.

So, you do everything you can to try and avoid unplanned outages. You make sure that you have a service contract / support agreement in place with a professional company, with exceptionally well-trained service engineers backed by manufacturers.  This company was carefully chosen to make sure that they understand your needs as a business and their values are aligned with that of yours.

The contract you have agreed ticks all the boxes you need it to, it covers PMV’s (Preventative Maintenance

Visit), break fix call outs and if you have really done your homework you have managed to find a service company that will cover you 24/7 without having to take out a remortgage.

Life is pretty good, you can sleep at night in the knowledge that your plans are robust, job well done…

The day then comes when you are due your first PMV and you are still smug in the knowledge that you have covered everything. However, during your maintenance visit the engineer informs you that you would be well advised / need to replace a Main Drive Pulley or you run a serious risk of a significant breakdown. Ok no problem, that’s the point of a PMV after all.

What happens next, you didn’t see coming a mile off, the engineer then turns to you and says:

“No problem, I’ll get that ordered and I’ll arrange to come back in a couple of days. In the meantime, I would advise you not to continue to use the machine”

You suddenly feel like all the walls and the ceiling have closed in on you simultaneously and you can’t quite believe your ears!!

Don’t panic. This situation can be avoided by purchasing an “Uptime Kit” from Dennison. Specific parts may change slightly from machine to machine but generally an Uptime Kit would include:

  • Critical components; motors belts, actuators and PCB’s
  • Switches, sensors and springs
  • Consumable parts

Managing your Dennison Resilient™ Uptime Kit

Once you have received your Uptime Kit, it is ready to be used. We always recommend you follow the below principals to ensure you maintain its effectiveness:

  • Store the kit in a closed or secured area to reduce the risk of damage or loss.
  • Make sure the relevant personnel can easily access the kit, when necessary.
  • Perform a monthly inventory check on the kit to confirm availability of parts.
  • Once a part is consumed, request the next one to ensure you are always prepared.

**Note: It is recommended that only manufacturer trained service engineers fit parts to ensure the correct procedures are adhered to.


  • Instant access to the most commonly needed parts for onsite repairs / maintenance visits
  • Reduces downtime to an absolute minimum
  • Increases productivity
  • Uptime Kits are designed to cover up to 70% of printer’s annual failures.
  • Increases profitability and customer confidence

How to get your Dennison Resilient ™ Uptime Kit

Getting your Dennison Resilient™ Uptime Kit couldn’t be easier. Call us today and speak to one of our service team professionals on 01924 431910 or use the contact form. They will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and get you on your way to zero downtime.