FujiFilm FLC-T85Z Lo Chem Processor

For Sale: FUJIFILM FLC-T85Z Lo Chem Processor

Upgrade your plate processing capabilities with the cutting-edge FUJIFILM FLC-T85Z Lo Chem Processor from the FLC-TZ Series!

This series represents an exceptional range of heavy-duty plate processors, boasting
Fujifilm’s innovative ‘ZAC’ technology, and it’s now available for purchase.

Key Features and Benefits of FLC-TZ Processors:

Significant Chemistry Usage Reduction: Experience cost savings and environmental benefits
with reduced chemistry consumption.

Optimal Processing Conditions: Achieve consistent and precise results, ensuring your prints
are always top-notch.

Robust Chain-Drive Mechanism: Enjoy long-term reliability and uninterrupted processing
thanks to the heavy-duty chain drive.

User-Friendly Design: These processors are easy to use, service, and maintain, streamlining
your workflow and saving you time.

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