Why it is Important to Invest in a Service Contract

First, I hear you say, how is a service contract an investment? I have this discussion with clients on a regular basis and just let me say. I do see it from your point of view…

Let me paint you a scenario. You are sat in your office, all is good in the world, you are having a great week, and everything is going your way. Your phone rings and it’s me, we are having a chat about your plant list and I’m waxing lyrical about the benefits of having a service contract in place to cover all your business-critical plant items for:

  • Preventative Maintenance Visits
  • Break fix call outs
  • Non-consumable parts (optional)
  • Remote support
  • 24/7 cover (optional)
  • Guaranteed 8hr call out (4hrs call outs are available on request)

It’s at this point you stop me and say:

“Sorry Karen, our machine is that reliable we really don’t need a service contract in place. Leave me your number and if we have an ad hoc requirement I’ll give you a call”

So, you’ve decided to fly solo and take your chances. But in your mind, there’s no risk because, if in the unlikely event your machine does breakdown, you’ll still call, and I’ll still send out one of our manufacturers trained professional service engineers. Surely that’s a win win result for you, very wise too.

Then that fateful day comes, and your trusty piece of kit coughs, splutters and stops working. You go off and find my contact details to give me a call. You’re just thinking how fortunate it is that its Thursday afternoon and not a Friday!

Reality Kicks In

This is exactly the point, the point when my words are ringing in your ears, the bit when I said, “is it worth taking the risk”. When I say that I’m sorry to hear that you have had a breakdown and we’ll get someone out to you as soon as possible. However, that won’t be till Monday or Tuesday next week.

Now you and I both know that the likelihood of us not being able to respond before then is slim. However, it is still possible, even with our best endeavors, moving and shuffling things around that we still cannot accommodate a next day call out.

Now tell me a service contract isn’t an investment. How much did you lose in production time and how many customer confidences did you also lose in the process?

If you are no longer sure that your ad hoc agreement for your technical / service support adequately covers you, give me a call to discuss your requirements in more detail. I can provide you with a free no obligation, start your journey to peace of mind and zero downtime.

**Contract cover starts from as little as £1.50 per day. Priced are based on make/ model / age and level of cover required.

How to get your Service Contract

Getting your Dennison Service Contract is simple. Call us today and speak to one of our service team professionals on 01924 431910 or use the contact form. They will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and get you on your way to zero downtime.