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Dennison Group are the new UK distributor and technical support partner for Protek CNC Technology, the Italian manufacturer of market leading cutting systems.

In their modern factory unit based in Abruzzo Italy, they design and manufacture their cutting systems. Protek are continually improving and innovating their products to ensure the highest quality, reliability and flexibility in the industry. Their aim is complete customer satisfaction and challenging the boundaries of cutting technology. To ensure they can meet all customer needs and demands now and in the future.

Protek’s ethos is to provide a system that is unique in comparison to its competition. Their cutting solutions are manufactured using lighter and stronger materials, with safety always at the forefront of every design concept. Also all models have the latest inbuilt safety features included. You can see that they are incredibly well engineered, easy to use, and have the ability to cut a vast array of materials. Above all, the cutters can be set up according to the specific needs of the customer, and embody security, simplicity and longevity.

Protek is split into 2 divisions, Protek Industry and Protek Creative. Both divisions are dedicated to working with customers, their manufacturing methods and complexities to produce market leading solutions.

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So why buy Protek from Dennison Group

You can buy a Protek cutting system from us with confidence. We have developed a sales and aftercare support package to ensure that at every stage of the process, you get the best possible advice. In addition to technical support to help you make the right decision based on your business needs.

What we offer:

  • Analysis, test runs / technical tests on new materials proposed by Customers.
  • Advice on tools to be used and the auto parameter to be set for each type of material.
  • A wide range of tooling by material type.
  • After sales training on the machine.
  • Ongoing support
  • Spare parts service
  • Remote support or the deploying of a skilled technician if needed to diagnose the problem.

Dennison Group are proud to be the UK distributors and promote the innovative Italian technology from Protek CNC Technology.