The laser cutter M-800 with a processing area of 1330 x 830 mm (52.3″ x 32.6″) is well-prepared for all applications in the fields of laser cutting, engraving and marking. A special feature is the optional shuttle table system, which almost doubles your productivity, enabling you to hold all the aces even with a “smaller“ laser cutter.

Technical specifications:

Working area (w x l):
Dimensions (w x l x h):

Max. material width:
Material clearance:
Laser power:
Laser source:

1,330 x 830 mm (52.3″ x 32.6″)
2,730 mm x 1,970 mm x 1,600 mm
(107.4″ x 77.5″ x 62.9″)
1,642 mm (64.6″)
15 – 55 mm (without material support)
60 to 450 watt
1 – 1,414 mm/s (in steps of 1 mm)
max. 14.1 m/s² (555″/s²)

Which options do we offer?

The modular design enables eurolaser systems to be specially configured to suit every requirement. We analyze your requirements and configure the laser system individually for you. The usage of eurolaser laser machines enables you to process a wide range of materials, such as cutting of plastics, foams, textiles, adhesive foils, wood, acrylic, composite materials and much more.


We are pleased to run a cutting test in our Application Center by using your individual material. Subsequently, you will receive a detailed test report in order to identify how your material was cut and engraved with our laser machines.

Shuttle Table System

This enables the loading and unloading of the machining table during laser machining and demonstrably delivers an increase in efficiency of up to 75% when using a laser system.

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POSITIONplus – Optical Recognition System

Automatic camera detection enables printed materials to be cut out precisely along the printed outline. Even copying tolerances in the printed format can be compensated by software control.

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